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Art Designs by Julie

Hand Painted Slate - About the Artist

Art Designs by Julie

Julie has spent most of her life surrounded and inspired by the New England countryside. She has lived in Maine for over 45 years.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Julie works mostly in acrylic for her hand painted slates.

She has been decorative slate painting as a hobby since she was very young and usually provided the pieces as gifts to family, friends and clients. Her recent retirement has allowed her the time to create many wonderful pieces of slate artwork. She sells her hand painted slates privately, on line and exhibits them at exclusive craft shows only. Her work has found its way all over the country, including Canada, and Mexico.

For further information, please email or browse the antique hand painted and gift ideas for sale in my store.

Art Designs by Julie


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Decorative Slate Artwork

Sample Designs

Terricotta Pot Periwinkle Flowers Welcome - hand painted slate
Terricotta Pot Periwinkle Flowers Welcome

Red and Grey Roof - hand painted slate
Red and Grey Roof

Purple Lilacs Welcome - hand painted slate
Purple Lilacs Welcome

Midnight Mass - hand painted slate
Midnight Mass